Self serving map tiles - Requirements and experiences

Hi everyone,
I’d like to explore the possibility of self serving osm tiles for my application.

I’ve looked into OpenMapTiles and switch2osm, and from what I understand I need a lot of space to host the entire planet (which is something I want to do).

I’m looking for a suitable VPS, with lots of space and adequate RAM.

I cheked for example the XXL VPS solution of Contabo:

CPU: ten cores
60 GB RAM (guaranteed)
1600 GB disk space (100% SSD)
100% SSD disk space

It seems very promising (and souspiciously cheap) but I’m reading mixed reviews of their services.

To sum it up.

Am I overshooting with those parameters?
If you ventured into self serving tiles, what solution did you use?

Thank you very much

In my laptop (16 GB RAM 512 GB SSD i7-8550U) I could manage the entire South America with rails app (osm website) and tile server with pre-rendered tiles up to zoom 11 and I think there were still room for more data.
But if you want to pre-render up to the max zoom you will probably need more space.
You can check it here