Self-Overlapping Motorway

When tracing from Bing around Taiping, I noticed that the main motorway there has bad defects: the carriage ways cross each other quite often.
My impression is that after completion of one carriage way, it was copied and pasted, then moved a little. That causes overlaps! JOSM has a tool for creating a parallel way - exactly for such a purpose.
Could someone take a look at that motorway and correct it with local knowledge - Bing is not everywhere available!
Thanks a lot.

I noticed that too, when I used to trace around the Bukit Merah area. Tried to correct them bit by bit. Well, I could always try to correct them slowly if possible.

Thanks for doing so. I did a rough correction only, removing the overlaps in the section between Taiping and Butterworth (but perhaps misplacing the carriageways). Well, since I’ll travel on bicycle, the defective motorway won’t cause trouble for me…