Seeking assistance with attribution


I work for a government agency and intend to use OpenStreetMap data - and I am confused with what is required for the attribution.

I intend to produce a large number of static PDF reports (~2000), each with a 500x600 pixel map (.png format). The map is simple, and shows 1 polygon sitting on top of the OpenStreetMap tiles.

I do not know exactly what needs to be written, and I’d like to get this right. Please forgive me, this is my first time using open data and needing to attribute it.

When I look at it seems “© contributors” would be acceptable - but it also >suggests< to refer readers to, also. Is this required?

When I look at … it says, … a whole lot. I wish it gave examples for me to copy and paste :slight_smile: But, it refers to the “© contributors”-style attribution as historical.

Currently, I have this paragraph immediately below the 500x600 map:

I hope and think that this is acceptable, but … am I missing something? Have I included too much? Could this be written in a shorter form and still be acceptable?

Hi joelsie68, have a look around at the right hand corners of publicist maps or ask the legal specialist at your concern, just to be shure.
But IMHO ‘© contributors’ would do just as you suggested.

Your attribution looks acceptable to me, but it can probably be shorter if you prefer.

Essentially, you need to include both

  • the attribution to OpenStreetMap (which can be either “OpenStreetMap contributors” or just “OpenStreetMap”), and
  • the license of the data.

In digital formats, you can replace the second point (the license information) with a link to – which is why you rarely see the license at opendatacommons mentioned in real-world examples. But if you cannot (or do not) provide a link to, you need to include it.

Thank you for your replies :slight_smile:

As the PDF’s are intended to be printed as well as viewed digitally, I want to be safe and avoid using “links” to result in less text.

Do you think this works? Or have I shortened it too much, now?