Searching for camp sites requires specific terms?

Hi - I’m new to both using and editing OSM, but have been trying to use it instead of Google Maps lately.

One issue I’ve run into is search. For example, I recently went to look for Thistledown Campground in the UK and wasn’t able to find it via the search, but after checking the location via lat/longtitude, it was there. It turns out that only “Thistledown Camp Site” returns the correct POI, while “Thistledown Camp” finds nothing relevant, nor does “Thistledown Campground”, “Thistledown Camping”, etc.

Are users expected to learn the correct syntax to use OSM (not very user friendly) or could there be a problem in the way this POI is tagged?



This appears to be

Searching for “Thistledown Campground” currently works (and that’s not really a syntax issue since that’s 100% of the name). Search for “Thistledown gloucestershire” and it’s the 4th result.

If you use you can select “details” to explain how and why something matched. In this case it currently displays:

This page:

links to here:

which describes the special phrases in use in searches.

Thanks, that’s helpful. I think the name change had not taken effect when I first searched for ‘Thistledown Campground’ (it was previously just labeled ‘Thistledown’).