Searching an Editor for consulting

Dear OSM experts,

we are an analytics company based in Germany and started last year to work with OSM in one of our projects. We have implemented the base functionality and are happy with it. Now however we would like to extend our software and need some assistance, in the form of (paid) consultation.
Our aim is to offer custom maps that can be edited (for example adding or removing streets) which are not visible on the official world map but instead customer-specific. A navigation system should incorporate those custom changes. We would like to know if you could possibly assist us by listening to our case and provide an accurate documentation of how to achieve this technologically. or even be a partner to implement the solution

You can find a list of consultants and companies offering commercial support for OSM in Germany at .

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Btw this category is for editing software themselves. You can use the Development section.


I would like to depict land objects (cuts for groundwater outlets into the ground). I attach these pictures. What do you suggest, how do I represent?