Search street in OSM with a Garmin device


I’ve installed OSM Map Belgium, Luxembourg, a part of France, a part of Germany, in a Garmin nuvi 255 with mapsource.

When I seek the street from the Garmin device, the seek stay very basic:


  • i want to seek “rue de la dime”

  • if i seek “dime”, there is no result

  • if i seek “rue de la d”, there is a result

So, something looks missing ? an index ?

Anyone knows where I was wrong installing maps ?

Thanks and regards,



Do you have a map from Garmin on your GPS? Does searching with that work the way you expect?

For me, searches on Garmin only work from the beginning of the name.


It depends on the map, if the map maker has used the mkgmap option --split-name-index than you can search for any part in the streetname. My maps from use this in the index but I think that Lambertus’ maps from don’t use this option “split-name-index”.

Thank you for pointing out my error. I have learned something today.