[SEARCH] OSM-Garmin without routing?

Seeking OSM Garmin map of Northern Germany is without routing.

Is there still such?


What is the difference?
You can ignore or remove routing form a map.

I use an older OSM-Map on a Nuvi 855
I cant ignore the routing on this Device.

I use the OSM Map only overlayed and navigate with the CN

Just curious, unless you are adding an OSM topo, why would you want to overlay an OSM map over CN? Is OSM that more detailed?

If you transfer the map with Mapsource, you could untick the routing information before sending it.

Or you use gmaptool to remove it, I think that is possible (albeit a bit more difficult).

The “Reit- und Wanderkarte” is not routable: http://www.wanderreitkarte.de/