"Search nearby" in OSM?


Unless I missed it, the OSM official site doesn’t include the equivalent of Google Maps’ (now defunct) “Search nearby” feature.

I know about Overpass-Turbo but is there really no way to get this from the official site and in an easier way, eg. by simply selecting a type of item from a drop-down list?

Thank you.

I think how-do-i-find-a-nearby-restaurant should help you.

Thanks for the tip. OpenLinkMap seems good enough.

Any idea why OLM displays all those circles?

After running a query, I closed the window and reopened it. It seems to mix and match multiple queries.

As I understand it those circles are just all features which OpenLinkMap knows. Not a merge of your searches. Search results are numbered circles.

By the way: For OpenLinkMap be sure to click the “search only in the current map view” if you only want “nearby” features.