Search interface

Hi there,

I’m new to OMS and a little unsatisfied with the search function, it often gives me strange results. Googlemaps works better there in my opinion. Are there any projects which have worked on this and maybe developed a better search function?

Looking forward to some answers!


Have a look at and try all ongoing links to understand how nominatim works.

Feel free to post improvements, or open new tickets in

Thanks for the answer!

I now understand why some searches don’t get results. Still, I think it’s not tolerable that you have to consider the order of the words or that commas do matter.
And then there are still results I can’t understand.
E.g. if you type in: “Bauernstraße Bremen”, the first result you’ll get is a street in Rönnebeck, and not the street in Bremen.
If it’s okay, I’m gonna create some tickets for that in the future.