search function broken

The standard way to introduce a new tag is to write a proposal, send out an RFC, wait for comments, then wait for mappers to use it, see how they do, what problems arise; and if it works out fine, then start voting.

The step “wait for mappers to use it” requires that mappers get to know about it in the first place. A mapper looking for a tag typically uses the search function in the wiki. Say, if you want to map a courtyard, you type “courtyard” in the search box and press enter. But for some strange reason, the man_made=courtyard proposal (Proposed features/courtyard) does not show up !?

The top 3 search results are Tag:place=plot, Tag:sport=croquet and Tag:sport=canoe.

There seems to be either a bug in the search function, or it uses an outdated search index.