Search for nodes with certain tag using API

Hi all,

I was wondering is there a way using web APIs to search for nodes with certain tags , like
tag:amenity=toilet, for instance?


In the old (0.5) API one could do:[amenity=hospital]

See . I assume that the 0.6 API can also do it.


The Osmxapi server doesn’t do 0.6 yet, as far as I know. What it gives you is 0.5 data from just before the migration, so data from last friday at the latest.

So does it mean that currently the only way to search for a certain tag is to load all the nodes for given area and process them on the client?


No, what I’m saying is that even the node data, and any data, that osmxapi gives back is stale, and getting more so by the day.

If you mean that you do a bbox request from the main API (with a <0.25 degree area), then you are right.