Search changeset by using hashtag?

I want to retrieve all of the changeset that contain a certain hashtag. This tool is good, but it doesn’t show the individual changeset.

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Solved :

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I was recently searching for such a tool, too. Those two were also my results. If there is another one, i would like to know that. The OSMCha RSS feed does not work too reliable and has timeouts during the request.

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OSMCha has been recently updated and some error fixed. RSS began to work properly yesterday, you should retry now and see if the problem persists (if that’s the case, an issue should be open on Github’s project page).


OsmCha has other issues too - I find the UI horrible to use and it’s also slow and unreliable. Some people do insist on sending changeset links via it though; whenever I get sent a link that way I just see floating red boxes (because I have not logged in) so it’s just something that “gets in the way and adds no value”.

I disagree, but that’s another topic. Anyway, at the moment OSMCha it’s one of the best options to look for changesets with a specific hashtag.

Indeed - lots of people find it useful, and lots of people use it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s for everyone (hence my interest in this thread, looking for an alternative).

I wonder how osmcha retrieves the changeset data from OpenStreetMap. I tried to make my own changeset finder tools by using OSM API 0.6, but apparently the API doesnt support searching changeset by keywords.

I want to retrieve all of the changeset that contain a certain hashtag.

If you are familiar with unix command line tools, you may be interested in a tool I wrote to parse large XML files, like the changeset dump file: anglosaxon. The example use is parsing out OSM changeset tags.

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Thank you, that’s good news. I’ll monitor how the feed behaves.