schools.MapThe.UK easily import schools int open streetmap

As I posted in my diary:

Since the beginning of August 2016 I mapped more than 2000 Schools in the UK. This was made possible with the help of which combines Ordnance Survey Open Data with the data of EduBase and the Scottish Government. So far the Application has not gained much traction, only 4 Mappers actually added something to the map with a median number of 17 edits. So I am wondering if there really is a usecase for this kind of application or if I am just wasting my time and money to make this publically available. Also it raises the question if I should proceed this route with other specialized applications e.g. to add the hospital grounds.

The Database contains about 50,000 School addresses and other metadata and 30,000 schoolground polygons, so there is still some work left :wink:

On the website you find a video with detailed instructions how to use the tool and how to identify a school. Additional information is avalilabel at the help page and on github

This application was built to enable a quick overview and import of existing open data into OpenStreetMap. It tries to demonstrate a possible approach and can serve as a blueprint to build your own Application.

Technical details of the import are avalilable in the wiki