School attendance map for the U.S.

I want to create elementary and middle school attendance maps for a U.S. school district. I created the outlines and now want to turn it into a relation. It looks like there are several types of relations that I can use. I chose to create a multipolygon and not use boundary. I want to do it correctly and upload it to OSM. Can you tell which way is best for an attendance map?


I doubt that the data for an attendance map belongs in OSM. You could make your own map with e.g. umap to display the areas on top of an OSM map instead.

IMHO, The reason that the data does not belong in OSM is that you cannot observe it when you pass a school. Since you did not find any relation that fits your needs, means that the community is thinking the same at this moment.

thanks for your perspective. that makes sense. I won’t add it to OSM.