Schnellstraße network

I added AT:S-road as network for Schnellstraße relations:
Change or revert if that’s a problem.

Can you please explain why you did that? And why you did not contact the local community in the Forum or Mailinglist beforehand(!)? Where does “AT:S-road” come from? Whats the purpose? Where do you get the data for this?

This seems so random and like it is to support your own agenda.

Autobahn roads have “AT:A-road” and Schnellstraße roads didn’t have any network to group them together. As I said, change to whatever is appropriate or revert as necessary. (Though I am really be curious about the reason behind that)

Na, immerhin ist das Changeset hier nicht so groß wie das letzte, an dem sich alle QA tools verschluckt haben und man nicht einmal nachschauen konnte, was alles geändert wurde :slight_smile:

Wie die Liste der Schnellstraßen aber zusammengestellt wurde, das würde mich schon auch interessieren.

I was trying to follow this map on Wikipedia. Though I don’t know if it was good to include those routes that are still only in proposed state.