Saudi Arabia maps


Are there openstreetmap maps for Saudi Arabia? If yes, how to download them? If no, what to do to start developing them?

I need to use them with navfree program on my Android 2.3 mobile device.

I create a monthly map of the GCC for Garmin devices (see my website) but don’t know of any Android versions.

on an android device you can also try OsmAnd … with its MapCraetor, you can create map files on your own for whatever country you need.

If you want a special region to use in navfree app → ask the guys from navmii who offer navfree.

نحتاج الي تحديث خريطة السعودية بالموقع

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My knowledge of Arabic is a bit rusty, but here’s a translation: We need to update the map Active Arabia.