Satellite imagery is old of National Harbor in Washington DC area

The park with the boat has been replaced by a building with restaurants, shops and hotel.


How to get the satellite imagery updated on OSM so it is current and we can add these points of interest.


Go there, take photos (ideally geolocated), get tracks (eg with GPS or a phone). Aerial photos are useful but not at all essential for mapping.

It may also be worth checking Strava’s layers as these may show new roads/paths reasonably well if its an area used by the Strava community.

The aerial imagery that OSM has access to is that which BIng are prepared to release for this purpose. You are trying to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I guess if you have a few $1,000s to spare, you could commission your own aerial survey of the area.

With the increasing number of drones, crowdsourcing aerial imagery projects should be starting right now… 10. 9. 8…
(Just like OSM started with tracks)

On the right side of the ID editor, select the Layers icon, then “Background Settings”. Then select “USGS Large Scale Imagery” . This is newer than Bing in many parts of the US, although the resolution is lower, I have found alignment to be fairly good.

At least in the UK, it would be illegal to use drones in most places where you would actually want to map. That’s for a combination of safety and privacy reasons.

(There would also be a log of work in georeferencing the results.)