"Santa Cruz County, California" vanished from OSM-Wiki w/o traces?

I can’t see why the server reports an error here

… whenever I want to see the history, it shows new and more recent entries (last as of November 2010 at the moment)

Here we have a discussion about current wiki issues: Missing pages on the wiki

I’m a principal author of this wiki.

I’ve skipped around and watched things in the last 4, 6, 12 hours, here on this thread as well as @northcrab 's link and the Github link saying this is “done” (as of about 8 hours ago).

As of now Jan 16 0451 UT this Santa Cruz County wiki page is “back,” but it is “different somehow.” For example, the embedded Carto slippy map is misplaced and an odd size.

Still watching this. It is good when we get some advance notice of this, but I realize that can’t nor does happen ideally in every sense every time.

The wiki was just upgraded to MediaWiki 1.39. The migration process resulted in some blank pages in the meantime.

Any remaining weirdness around embedded maps may be related to replacing the MultiMaps extension with Kartographer a few days ago. @Tigerfell might know if any templates need to be updated.


The map display was one of those critical points when updating. We found a solution that works somehow but I am still adjusting templates using maps.

“Template:Place” and its translated versions still need to be updated and maps sometimes to not display at all. There is just an empty frame. I am still investigating.


Welcome to Discourse, @Tigerfell .

I appreciate your updates here; thank you for letting us know you are “on the case.”

Closure: (at least in the case of this particular wiki) Both this wiki and the embedded map within it now appear as normal. The map width maxing out at 1000 pixels (by convention, it WILL draw in Preview if I double it to 2000) isn’t ideal (I’m on a particularly wide-screen video as I browse it), but I can live with 1000 pixels wide, even if it clips a bit off the west and east of this “geographically wide” county. It is centered in a new (unusual?) way, but that’s OK. So, “lookin’ good” and thanks for everybody’s efforts to tune-up our wiki, especially @Tigerfell.

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