Sanity check golf hole names


I was looking around St Mellion Golf Club - - and noticed some oddities in the naming of the holes from this changeset - - and just want someone to sanity check that this looks off. It’s been a while since I was on a golf course!

It looks like a dodgy data import to me because “Kernow” is the Cornish name for Cornwall. It seems odd to me that multiple holes would be named the same. Similar thought for the “Nicklaus” hole.

A quick google shows up and which has me leaning towards the map being incorrect.

Happy to update if general consensus is this is junk data.

Tangentally related changeset with comment -

Looking at the history I don’t think the names come from the changeset you linked from 7 months ago, but rather from an earlier changeset 2 years ago - v1 of all the holes seems to come from that, with the names already on it. Maybe worth commenting on that original changeset to ask the mapper what was intended?

It seems likely that there are 2 adjoining courses and that the mapper assigned their names to the individual holes, which doesn’t seem right. I don’t know enough about golf mapping to know the correct approach.