Salim from TomTom

Здравейте българска общност,
Казвам се Салим Байдун (Salim Baidoun), Мениджър за партньорство в глобалната общност. Бих искал да се ангажирам с вас по някои теми, по които Tomtom може да ви помогне, когато е възможно.
Моля, уведомете ме как да се обърна към вас или ме насочете към правилния канал за комуникация или ако можем да взаимодействаме в тази публикация.

Благодаря ви,

Hello Salim,

Feel free to write in English since the translator is not very good with Bulgarian. It’s completely fine to use the forum (there is no other communication channel as far as I know).

Could you let us know in what areas you would like to help us?

Best wishes,


Hello @Dimitar155

Thank you for coming back. To begin with, TomTom engages with many communities in various ways according to each country’s challenges, characteristics, and working style.

As part of my engagement with communities, I usually address specific map improvement topics (e.g., missing roads, isolated roads, buildings missing), and then formulate these leads and tasks into projects in the form of MapRoulette (e.g. Mexico - Fix Building & Highway Intersect), and if they are unfamiliar with it, we provide some kind of training, live demos, and even host / participate in Mapathons if needed.

Moreover, we support humanitarian efforts by allocating resources in the event of natural disasters (God forbid) or even good-will cases (supporting female inclusion in Tanzania and Brazil). Additionally, we supported newly created communities with our technical and operational know-how, as well as academic institutes for various use cases.

It would be helpful if you could also suggest challenges or topics that you believe TomTom can assist you with.

Have a wonderful day and Happy Easter to all celebrating!

Maybe this would be a good occasion for a few Bulgarian mappers to get together in Sofia, to get to know each other and what we’re doing, to discuss priorities for the Bulgarian map and how TomTom could help with these, and to have a few beers? Please let me know if you’re interested, and have an idea for time and location.

thank you @rhhs for your reply. I would be delighted to meet you all in person but as I am not located in any proximity to Bulgaria it won’t be possible, yet it’s a very lucrative opportunity.
We can still have a call on “Teams” if that is possible with whoever is interested; may i suggest a day or would you prefer to have the community come up with one?
In any case, I am available on April 18th, 19th and 21st.

@rhhs @sbaido is 13:30 to 14:30 on 21st fine for you? I know @sbaido mentioned Microsoft Teams but it’s not very popular here so I would suggest to use Google Meet.

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Hello @Dimitar155 @rhhs : 14:30 ((EEST: Sofia) timing suits me best. i will send you an invite on Google meet very shortly if that is ok with you.

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do you mind sending me your email addresses?

The time is OK for me. However, I would like to meet with a few more Bulgarian mappers to really get a good idea about priorities. Maybe Dimitar and I could meet in person a little before 14.30 and then call you on Google Meet? We could discuss what TomTom can and cannot help us with.
I’ll send you my email address by PM.

makes sense as well, will await your DMs

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Hi Everyone, I would love to join as well. I’m in Sofia right now and will be here on 21st as well. Happy for a life or online meeting. @sbaido can you please add me to the invite list for the online meeting? email
@rhhs , @Dimitar155 if you agree to meet, I will join you as well.

p.s. I’m deeply interested and I’m working in on developing a more comprehensive public transport map/ attributes for Bulgaria and I’m willing to take part in anything that can help in this direction

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You’re more than welcome to join. I assume that Richard and Salim won’t mind.


hello @BulgariaPT,
am delighted to have you in the call, can you send me your private email to send the meetup link please

just had a small change in my program for tomorrow though. I’m not sure if I will manage for 2:30 pm (EET) but I’ll do my best. Please add me to the invitation and I’ll join asap