Runway not showing correctly

Hi all-

I added the runways at and while runway 16/34 shows as a straight line, runway 5/23 shows as a broken line, there’s a chunk in the middle that seems to be missing. I wasn’t sure if it was a browser issue so I’ve tried every major browser on the big three OS’ (Mac, Win, Linux), and they all show the broken line. When I go to edit it, it shows correctly.

This is one of my first “real” edits and while I read the docs, I think I’ve done everything correctly, but nothing I’ve searched for explains this.

Any help would be appreciated on getting this looking right.



don’t worry, just the middle tile didn’t render yet. Wait a few days.

In the osmarender layer it’s already visible completely.

A minor suggestion: The 2 runways should be connected by node in the intersection.