Runway Names

What is the proper way to name a particular runway? Just the runway numbers (i.e. 14/32)? Including the airport code? What airport code (ICAO 4-letters, local CAA code, IATA code) if they exist. I search for that topic but couldn’t find any reference to it…

Hi there and welcome.

Yes, runways can be tagged with a ref tag.

I’m not sure you’ll need to include the airport code as you can link the runway to the airport in various ways, like operator tags/relations or site relations. However I’ve never done any airports so not sure. Maybe someone else will know. Good luck.

The ICAO / IATA code should be in the “aeroway=aerodrome”-node.

Thanks for your answers guys but that actually raises more questions. I guess my question was is there a documented/standard way of naming runways? Runways are particular in the sense that depending on which way you land they have a different name. 14/32 is the name of the runway but when you land you either land on 14 or 32 depending on which end you’re touching down. How do I account for that?