running my own like server


i want to run a windows based webserver which does exactly the same as
it should also provide tiles addressed by the url /z/x/y.png, do the caching, update once a week or so.
my problem is, that i have not found all the software, code parts that i need yet.

what i have is:

python 2.5
some osm data

but what i can not find is the actual webscript for the site that makes all the parts work together.

i searched the subversion repository, but there i only found an export script in which does something else.

i also could not find any documentation in the wiki on that.
is a good starting point, but it does not answer the question.

has anybody a clue??


is mod_tile what i am looking for?

Since it’s a webserver, and your browser has to be able to read those documents anyway, can’t you look in the index.html and relevant linked .js files yourself?

@Ldp i’m sorry but i didn’t get your point. i am not talking of the slippy map and on there is no javascript involved.

So you only want to serve the tiles. For that you would need, for example, mod tile indeed :slight_smile:

or openlayers