run or import overpass data in vespucci from android mobile

Is there any way to run overpass query in Vespucci. or export the data and then load in Vespucci. overpass turbo has raw osm export but that’s json file, can’t load in Vespucci.

You should be able to output the result of the query in overpass as xml, which, if nwr sorted, should be no problem to import in to Vespucci.

Besides that there is currently no direct facility to query overpass, one reason for that is that it is in general not a good idea to use subsets of OSM data for editing in the first place (regardless of editing app). It is really something that should only be done if you really really really really know what you are doing.

But assuming you do know that, it would be helpful if you could expand a bit on your use case.

I gave the issue a quick look just now, while in principle it works with a query of the format

out meta;

There are a couple of issues:

  • the output is not properly formed OSM xml, it contains additional “meta” and “note” nodes that need to be removed (obviously I could change the parser to ignore these, not a big thing).
  • the output doesn’t contain a bounding box. The problem with this, is that Vespucci doesn’t allow you to edit, in particular select nodes, that are outside of the downloaded area (for obvious reasons), as the overpass-turbo generated data doesn’t contain a bounding box, there is no “downloaded” area and you can’t actually select the imported data. This needs some thinking.


Support added in

I haven’t found how.

  • download/copy as GeoJSON
  • download/copy as GPX
  • download/copy as KML
  • download/copy as raw OSM data
  • raw data directly from Overpass API
  • load data into an OSM editor: JOSM, Level0
  • save GeoJSON to gist

I’m localizing places now. which are nodes only, which I can do while taking rest or before sleep. I’m not going to edit complex things in mobile.


Set the output to xml as I did in the example above, then