RSS feed to follow new posts?

Hello Lambertus :wink:

One thing I would love is an RSS feed(s) for the forum. It’s very practical to directly see when there’s a new post and come-back quicker. I think it would increase participation/visits.

That said I don’t know if it’s an easy task to do on PunBB (plugin maybe?)

Anyway thanks for the forum as it is, it’s cool :slight_smile:

francois 2 cents

Hello together,

the PunBB is better as you know. He can allready show you rss feeds.
There is the file extern.php here some examples of the use of them:

All active posts from the Feedback Subforum:

Forum Germany

You can find the FID by scrolling with the mouse over the forum an you
just copy the id of the link.

Here the possibilities of the action parameter:
active (the newest active themes) (HTML or RSS)
new (newest themes) (HTML or RSS)
online (show online users) (HTML)
online_full (show all users) (HTML)
stats (Forum statistics) (HTML)

For detailed information please check:

have fun

Anyone know how you can get everything except the German forum? Actually the whole "OSM community " subsection would be nice to exclude…

This something that would be nice to have on the fourm as well, there is a link called “show new posts” which isn’t that good when you get german/swedish/russian posts mixed.

Wow, thanks a lot Zapfen I didn’t know it was that easy.

PS: I love your bike+navigation device very much :wink:

I receive requests for adding the post content to the RSS feed. It would then look something like this: instead of:

Any comments?