Routing works even when map is wrong?

This is only partly an OSM question, but there’s no point asking the app developers.

IOS apps and Go Map!! both show (from OSM, no doubt) a particular road a LONG way from where it actually is.

Yet when I ask directions to a place on that road, tells me to turn left when I actually get to the correct location (which is not a road on the map), and then as I travel along that road, it never asks me to turn around.

So the question is, how can a GPS app route me on a road that doesn’t exist on its map?

The map data in the database and the routing data are updated independently so there can be a difference and the data the apps use is updated independently by the and Go Map on their own schedule…and therefore show differences as you have described. Also the routing algorithms differ.

The site standard layer displays an up to date map using the data from the database. There is also routing provided by a few companies using the same data but may be using data that is not quite so up to date.

Can you provide a link (the url from the browser) from of the area and explain if and where the map is incorrect. You can also try the routing directions and see if they are correct and link and comment.
is a trace I made walking/biking Ponderosa Road near Attalla, AL.
will show it overlaid on various maps. Google seems to have the road approximately correct.

OSM also shows a graveyard that I added, but the SUCKS for editing, and it sent different coordinates than I entered! The graveyard is actually north of Ponderosa Road.

The two apps may update at different times, but they both show the same wrong path. As for routing coming from a different source, computed its route on demand when it had no internet access.

This is a view of the area from
The routing provided on osm followed the mapped route

I suggest you upload a gpx trace to if possible then edit the map using one of the editors under the ‘edit tab’ at using satellite imagery and Tiger Roads 2017 as background to shift the road in to the correct position and update the osm database.

If you are unable or unwilling to edit the map from the editors at let me know and I will do it for you as it is plain to see in edit mode that the present mapping is incorrect and where it should be.

The graveyard should instead be tagged with amenity=grave_yard

I think you need to contact the company regarding the routing data they use

I figured out how to fix the graveyard location but not the attributes. Need to find and read the doc for that editor.

And I don’t know how to do the road but I did put a note on it close to the point where it goes wrong. I can see that my GPX trace corresponds to Bing’s aerial image of the road, except for where I left the road into the cemetery and another spot where I took a photo of a gate. But my trace is slightly north of where Google places the road.

Ok, I can fix that up tonight. Let me know tomorrow if you think more needs to be done.
You may need to refresh your browser to see the new map. The routing data takes longer to be used by those provided on the osm site

Edit: This will give you an idea of the bits I updated. There is a legend at bottom left.

You can upload your gpx trace to the osm via a tab at the top of the
It can then be displayed on the map via a checkbox ‘Public GPS Traces’ under the layers icon at the right.

Cool; I see you fixed a lot more. Thanks!