Routing with OSM-Files


I want to write an own navigation programm.

If you think it’s to hard for me, I don’t think so, because…

-I have already knowledge in writing programms
-I would describe my Java-Knowledge between standart and good
-I already have written a programm with a path-finding algorithm

For pathfinding I want to use the algorithm of dijkstra. But for this algorithm you need a street map in form of a graph.

So, here’s my problem:

How can I make a graph out of the datas given by osm-files ?

Should I use an “Adjanzenmatrix” (sorry, I only know the german word for it and Google couldn’t help me) ?

Wouldn’t I get an an extreme huge graph / matrix wich needs a lot of RAM ? Of cause, that’s not a problem for a computer,
but what’s with mobile devices (handy, pda, etc…) ?

Should I prepare the osm-files to a graph on the pc before transfering it to the mobile device or is there an other way to do it ?

Thanks a lot for answering !

I would suggest that you take a look at some existing applications to see how they tackled these problems.

Hello zwiebelchen,

did you already have a look at ?

The author Marcus Wolschon is quite active when you ask him for help, and his project is also based on Java …

Is this a help for you?

Yeah, thanks, this could possible help.