Routing website using Gosmore routing engine

The routing site uses the namefinder service lookups to translate street/city names to coordinates through a proxy. This is what namefinder responds:

  find='Friedenstra�e, A�lar' 
  date='2008-06-06 20:28:13' 
  error='place not found'

Probably has something to do with URL encoding. It’s on the todo list now.

Late update: this has been fixed a long time ago.

I added route altitude profile image feature for routes less then 400 nodes. The image is generated using Sjors Provoost’ GSOC code/service.

Still looking for a way to be able to add support for North and South America…

Thanks a lot for this service, tested one route on foot and immediately found an error in the data :slight_smile:

Regards, Florian.

That’s great :slight_smile:

The routing works well but I find that when I try to zoom in on part of the route, the blue line showing the route disappears. Maybe this is another IE bug?


Afaik this only happens on the highest zoom level and when you zoom out one level the route appears again. Is this the same behaviour that you are seeing? If so, it has been this way since the start of this project and I’m not sure why…

Edit: I changed the number of zoomlevels from 19 to 20 and now you can zoom in all the way and still see the route vector.

PS. I must say that I develop this service using FF 2 and FF 3 with the occasional check in IE. I know that the site looks odd in IE but my CSS skills to fix that have yet to be developed :wink:

It works good in Opera. I already found many bugs in OSM-Data, using your tool…

Just the map is too small … can you make the width variable?

How often is the database behind the routing application updated? (in the Help it says that is updated once a week after the new planet dump is finished, but I made some modifications and this week I haven’t seen any update). It will be available pretty soon or it will take another 2-3 days?

Btw, great tool, it really helps us findinf errors in the database.

Things like updates have stalled because of my holiday… I will get to it asap.

I will try to but my CSS skills are next to 0 and I’m glad that it works in FF and Opera as it does now…

@Lambertus: I sent you a mail with HTML and CSS … i hope it will help you to make the map width variable …

That’s very cool, thanks! I’ll look into it.

BTW. I can’t get Gosmore to do a rebuild of it’s database so unfortunately no routing atm…:rolleyes:

Good news, a patch for Gosmore persuades it to rebuild the routing database again. So the routing service should be back in business again. Sorry for any inconvenience…

Unfortunately I have not received your mail. Can you send the patch to osm at na1400 dot info please? Thanks!

I tried to send it via the form in the forum. Now i sent it to your E-Mail…

If you have any questions about it, you can ask me.

One small request, related to the database update behind the routing engine. Is it possible to put something like “Last update: 10/09/2008” (or similar) just under “Data by OpenStreetmap”? This way if somebody who doesn’t know when the planet file is generated visits the site, they will know what to expect.

Done, it’s at the bottom of the page currently. The time is misleading when a new planet-latest file has been downloaded but the processing has not yet completed, but this situation only true a few hours per week.

oh nice could you let the openstreetmap link in the corner be a permalink to… . So it’s easy to edit the place you are currently routing in.

EDIT: it seems I to missed the Edit button, I guess it’s what you are used of that you look for. But I think a permalink like that should be standard on all Openlayer maps.

Something like this added to the map should work. I will try to add it, but the edit button works so it’s not very important.

PermaLink = new OpenLayers.Control.Permalink('');:wink:

True… Interesting I missed it though , I guess it’s only because neither NL tileserver nor informationfreeway gives this option.

Well, maybe YOURS proves to be a trendsetting application where others will follow soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting the last update information. But now I have another small request (or at least it looks small from this side): a button that will invert the route (change the destination with the start, and the other way around)

The reason for this is that sometimes I found some oneway streets that create a lot of problems and this feature will make things easier.