Routing problem


Although I have been a contributor to OpenStreetMap (map editing) for a couple of years now this is my first visit here. At the moment I have a Garmin Etrex 20, which I use mainly for walking. Previously I have used maps by talkytoaster but wanted to try an alternative so here I am. This map is excellent and is a lot less cluttered than talkytoasters version, the routing facility is good but I have realised the routing facility works best for cars, anything over approx 15 miles results in an error message if set to pedestrian. Bicycle routes try and take me on the motorway in parts and so on. The main problem I have concerns routes, I can plan a short route with a couple of waypoints, and with routing settings set for pedestrian on road for distance I can then try and ‘go to’ the route, after it calculates the route it disappears and I end up back on the map screen with nothing to follow. Oddly enough if I set routing to off road it chooses the furthest waypoint in my device to guide me to - even though I have not added it to the route.

    Would I still have this problem with a more expensive device like a 60CSX?



Did you try the Openfietsmap (lite) version or the generic map? The Openfietsmap does not route you on motorways, simply because they are not routable at all.
There is also a full version of Europe available on my site. More expensive devices have the same issues, it all depends on the map.

Thanks for your reply, no I haven’t tried it as yet but will have a look later, do you think the problem of it not following a planned route will be resolved in time?