car profile stopped working


I noticed that the “Car” profile stopped working on site. Is there a site where I can report this problem?


See the About this service and privacy policy at the bottom of the website

And until they fix this you may try where you’ll find a car profile instance of OSRM that is working.

Edit: for all users from Australia, Asia, etc. that are hitting the link above right now: for a short time I activated the OSRM car profile routing at ← this one is in English (the map also) and not in German ( is in German, map as well), so that one should be easier to use (and faster as well, esp. the map, as it uses a global cdn).

By the way, if you write them a mail: only careu (routing3 port 3330) isn’t working at, all other services seem to be up, even caram (port 3331 on routing4). So the car profile is still working for (North|South)America, but not for Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

I tried a bicycle route but found it did route over a way marked with bicycle=use_sidepath while there was a side-path available and that was the logical route.

@emvee: that would be a problem in the bike profile that it used in the osrm demo at You may try or for better optimized bicycle routing or open an issue at the osrm-project in regard to the bike profile (but I’m not even sure if the OSRM demo server at is using the exact bike profile example as in osrm-project or a slightly altered one).

Edit: urls for and brouter-web repaired.