routing on river


I have started a inland navigayion map from osm data.
is it possible to route on other line thab highway?
My idee is to route on canal and river where boat is autorised


you could create your custom style - but I would highly doubt that rivers are well connected. And it will only work for rivers entered with a centreline (most) - not for rivers as areas - except you want to be routed along the outside.
I think this is only practical for testing how well rivers are entered in OSM - or how consistent.

Also noone entered restrictions so far - or at least I don’t even know that there is a proper section in the access rights…

Work in mapsource with a partial extract of osm data (Burgundy)

with only 2 rules in in my style lines files

waterway=canal & motorboat=yes [0x02 road_class=3 road_speed=4 ]
waterway=river & motorboat=yes [0x01 road_class=3 road_speed=4 ]

Dijon->digoin in france 200 km route use Burgundy Canal-> Saone River-> Central Canal

Time is not correct 2h40 (5 days with a boat)
maybe with some tunning


You could set road_speed=0
But you will not get anywhere proper time estimates. Time estimates only work well for cars - for cyclists Garmin assumes 8 or 18km/h (nothing else, or maybe a bit dependent on the device, but only 2 speeds), for walking 4km/h (or similar speed, no matter how fast you walk, up or downhill, or other fancy stuff). Also no matter what kind of transport you use, there will be time penalties for junctions/turns. Thats it…