routing in roundabout tells me to drive in wrong direction

in some roundabouts (positons below) my navi-system (Garmin GPSmap 60 CSx, Firmware 4.01) told me to drive through in the wrong direction (to pass the roundabout left). I looked to the OSM-data, they seemed ok. In the doku I found that there ist no need for oneway=yes. But the last of the four roundabaouts has a oneway=yes, navi-instuction ist as well to turn to left.
can anybody help ?

regards Peter

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> 045 047 048 049

used map was 2010-04-04

I can’t see anything wrong with those roundabouts. Have you tried using a map from a different source (e.g. and seeing if this has the same problem?

Check the direction of the OSM ways (arrow in JOSM, rounded arrow symbol in Potlatch bottom/left). The oneway tag is not required (and could be wrong as well).