Routinf issue OSMAND

I am a truck driver and as such I have high loads. 4m +

When driving across Fyn along E20 with the profile set to above 3.5m the routing leaves the motorway between exit 54 and 52.

Is this OSM or OSMAND related?

Best regards Leif

If you tell us where Fyn is situated we can have a look.

I may have found the issue.
The 2 small sections crossing under Langsøvej had a maxheight of 3.6. I have changed it to 4.8, as reported by vejdirektoratet.
How long will it take to be on my device(live update)?


Maybe this motorway is meant?

My update fixed it.

If you have Osmand Life Updates, you can download your changes maybe already one hour later.