Routeplanner for multiple destinations

I have developed a routeplanner for multiple destinations RouteXL. It does not plan the optimal route “from A to B”, but “from A till Z”. In other words, the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP). It is free to use up to 20 addresses.

The site is in dutch, but if you enter some adresses in the search bar above the map and press the “Vind route” button below, it should show something meaningful. You can also click destinations on the map, but you should zoom in to streetlevel first. It also allows you to import multiple adresses from other applications e.g. spreadsheets, and to download the route for certain navigation devices (TT).

Currently, I am using GM but I am investigating if OSM could be an alternative due to GM’s license restrictions.

What I need is:

  1. interactive maps
  2. (batch) geocoding of adresses
  3. reversed decoding of map clicks
  4. route from A to B

Could I use OSM for this purpose? Which applications/services should I check? Any other advice/tips/hints are welcome too.

Look for all opensource applications at including all sub pages.

geocoding is a field of

and as a developer you should also study with its subpage

ask for more infos if you proceed with a certain app …

Unfortunatly I can’t read dutch :frowning: Please be aware that OSM hasn’t that much resources so if you plan to offer your service to the public, we would please you to make a local setup uincluding Database etc…

Your Projects sounds interesting, would be nice to read more on a wiki page if you decide to use OSM :slight_smile:

For batch geocoding you can use a commercial batch geocoding service

There is an english version now at

I am checking gosmore now, installed it on my linux machine.

Every 30 sec I get an error message : WARNING some parts of this website seem to be invisible.

Firefox 6.0

Didn’t test in FF6 yet, but that error message may be related to the use of an adblocker.

I have installed gosmore with a prebuilt map. Now when I test it:

Running Gosmore with query string:
Content-Type: text/plain

52.612063,4.671565,j,tertiary,2,Jan Ligthartstraat

Any idea what goes wrong here?