Route Navigation Starts with Straight Segment to Arbitrary Mid-point

I posted this on the Garmin Map section of this forum, but thought the Q&A section might be more appropriate.

I just started experimenting with the OSM Routable maps. I created a small test route of the same course on both BikeToaster and RWGPS for comparison. The course is a simple multi-block rectangle with the start and finish at the same point.

The entire route views accurately on my Edge 800, but when the route is made active (“GO” in the course screen) they both start out with a straight line segment from the start point to an arbitrary point about 1/3 the way through. If I follow the route (not the straight line navigation) I get “Off Course” error messages until I reach the arbitrary point where the straight line intersects with the original route created with BikeToaster or RWGPS. From that point on all is good, turn prompts and everything function as they should to the finish/end.

Just for hoots, I activated the same routes with the City Navigator map installed and everything functioned perfectly from start to finish.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so, what can be done to get the OSM map to recognize and follow the first part of the route? I have a screen shot of the route with the straight line (navigation) cutting across the middle of the course, but I didn’t a way to attach images on this forum.

Thanks - Bryan