route does not connect!

Hello, could someone help me to find the restriction that a route has, there are other similar restrictions later in the same route, but I think it’s the same type of restriction, this is the address:

thank you very much!

The data in OSM looks OK, probably the routers did not yet update.
Is this lanes=4?
These are so short that I do not believe they are 4 lanes, compared to all the other motorway lanes=2

No, it’s really just one lane, do you think that changing the lanes changes the behavior of the routing?

GerdP, The problem is that those roads have been laid out for a long time, I have not made any changes to them, and just as there are many

lanes=1? on that side of a motorway?

normally on a motorway there is a part, lanes=2, then has one lane more for the turn:lanes=none|none|slight_right, lanes=3, after exit it is lanes 2 again.
Is there not a slight_right lane?

ALLROADS, I’ll try to repair it, if it works I’ll let you know, thank you very much

Is the layout of the roads changed? If you look at Bing imagery or ESRI World Imagery, there is a new layout in OSM, so Bing and ESRI imagery are old.


But is this changed?

july 2016

I think not, in a Google Maps photo that is from June 2018 and is the same:,-99.7034789,3a,75y,278.83h,86.76t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sUMt-BmDGEpyJT_1I4J9VGA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

I looked at it again, changed some but this did not give the solution.
So I made a github issue at graphhopper.

This is working now in OSRM

Then the data must be there.
Set the point to a other place and the program does not calculate.

Notice that the visual map is older, the blue routing line is not on the spot where the mapline is.

Hello Allroads, I’m sorry for answering you until today, in Mexico it was holidays and until today I came back, I see that the routing is already working correctly, thank you very much !!
But what exactly did you do, there are a lot of mistakes in the maps, I’d like to correct them myself …

Again, thank you very much!!

Here it is not working correctly, it must have something to do, where the icon is set, besides way (calculation which way to use) and calculation procedure or also time server request procedure, to many request?
Also at OSRM, sometimes the icon, calculate sometimes not. Move a icon around, let it recalculate.
When it calculated this gives a line, so that part of the route must be okay. I assume.

What I did was only cut some roads at junctions and highway=motorway_link correction.

There was further away two nodes that where not connected. Merged them.

In JOSM use validation button.