Route displaying problem

Some time ago I created html file with script to display route of my driving and placed it on my server together with web site. It was working without problem. Now it stops showing route - only map and start, stop points. I didn’t change anything in this script. What could happened?

what framework do you use to display your track?

Openlayers, Leaflet, khtml ??

Are OSM tile graphics as background?

What about loading your web page in an internet browser with an error console like Firefox (?) or Chrome?

I’m using OpenLayer with OSM. I’m loading it to CppWebBrowser (Borland C++ Builder6 ). It was working long time. I didn’t change the this HTML (script) file. Maybe is problem with settings of the web on IIS?

Are you using your own copy of the OpenLayers.js file, or are you linking to one on (or somewhere else)? If you are using one somewhere else, that may have changed or been upgraded, which could break your web page.

Can you post a link to the code you are using?

I’m using by linking :