OSRM is not used by since release 7.0.5 on Android. They have their own algorithm.

Currently, and a lot of navigation software can’t use junction=circular for a “roundabout”.
The best way would be to have only junction=roundabout in OSM whatever the category of a “roundabout” (roundabout, gyratory, circular).
The main goal when we navigate in Paris, mainly for drivers that don’t perfectly know this town is to have for a “roundabout” the information "turn right on the 2nd street for example, whatever the traffic or delay conditions that aren’t essential.

If there’s a problem with a particular router I’d raise that problem with the authors of that router. In the case of MAPS.ME. that’s here: .

Thank you for the link. I hope that team will succeed to find a solution.

Good news,
Navigation Software "Magic Earth"has just released the last version that perfectly works with “junction=circular”.