Hi all,

Roundabouts (kikarot) are known to all of us, but the different types are used very freely… I think we can have a better agreement on what to use when.

I am aware of 3 types:

  1. junction=roundabout
    This is the more major roundabout, actually a way tagged in addition as ‘highway=residential/tertiary/etc’.

  2. highway=mini_roundabout
    This is a minor roundabout, actually a node with this tag. As stated, the mini-roundabout usually does not have an island in the middle but is painted on the road.

  3. highway=turning_circle
    This is not quite a roundabout, but rather a wider part at the end of a street, used to ease turning around. As stated, there is no central island/reservation to a turning circle.

Now, the confusing part:
I usually select type 1 for major roads, and type 2 for residential roundabouts. But when there is enough data in residential areas (two oneway parts of a large street, etc), I go for type 1.
The only really painted roundabout I know of (in Israel) is between Yemin Ord and Nir Etzion - here. But it is marked as type 1… Maybe it was changed?
And I never used type 3 until talkat pointed it out to me. It can fit here and here for a start. Please note that in the second link, satellite imagery shows an island in the middle of the turning circle. Still, I think this better fits type 3 than the others.

Therefore I suggest the following:

  1. Use type 1 whenever possible, especially when adding enough details to the map. Even the tiniest roundabout can be drawn as a circular way.
  2. Use type 2 when the roundabout is really painted on the road, or when you are making a rougher sketch (just drawing single ways for wider streets, etc.) The latter case is a transition stage to type 1 roundabout that will be added by the person breaking the single way into two oneway streets, or adding more information in another manner.
  3. Use type 3 at dead-end streets with a widened part at the end (even if there is an island/reservation in the middle).

Your thoughts?

Yes, and I’d add that you should try to make it a nice circle, using the editor tools.

I’d say that this should be discouraged.
There should maybe be a handful of those in all of Israel.

Yes, dead-end streets are the best example.


The mini roundabouts are very very rare in Israel and are normally used if the mapper is a bit lazy to define a correct circle with all exits.
Normally a mini roundabout in Israel means => Please correct me!
Here a typical example :

I think I just found 1 or 2 real mini roundabouts in Israel. (one of them)

I have a problem with how turning circles are rendered by Mapnik. They are shown on zoom levels 15 through 18, but always have the same size (in pixels). So when you shift through the zoom levels, the residential ways change in width, but the turning circles remain the same. This is most problematic at zoom 15, as you can see here:
18 (looks good) -
15 (looks bad) -

So I am looking through bugs on Just updating here…

And I thought Ofakim has quite a few of those… Check this out: