Rosemary/Wheelmap: redundant contributions


I regularly notice that contributors of the wheelmap are adding nodes which are already at the OSM. This is annoying, because somebody has to remove the stuff from the db.

Another problem relates to missing tags. The contributors are very often describing within the name-tag instead of using the right tags. If you modify this, they disagree, because it does not pop-up as they like.

Finally on the top of everything: They do not know what osm is and do not want to know about it.

How can this happen? I guess there is no way to stop this, right?

Does somebody else have such experiences, too?


This is not the first time that we have kinds of problem by some users.

See in general.

My personal advise: Keep on tagging objects that they are tagged like the documentation in the OSM wiki. And also remove fresh redundant objects if the POI has already been there in the OSM database.


and try the checking webservice … it has a marker class about double POIs.