Roof shape Verify my building

Can someone verify this building, do not look good. Possible I did not use the good josm tags.

and housenumber 102 the left one "side_hipped ? an de three next to it 100,98,96 roof gambrel wrong way do not know to use direction or orientation and how to define it.

Is there a site, media where you can learn how to tag, draw building, barrier, water, ect beginning with easy things and progressive adding newer, complexer to it.
So it will become a manual.


Checkt it now. I added 3 roof:shape elements.
I have removed one roof:shape element because this can not be right rendered.

House Nr. 102: everything is ok. F4 does´nt support it for now, but Kendzi and me are working on the implementation.
Let it. Good job!

If you have more questions ask me :wink:

Best regards,

Use kendzi3d plugin for josm to check your buildings before uploading. press F12 - select wall plug icon - search for kendzi.
Also look here for a 3d building preset, it will give you a window with common keys and values for 3d tagging.

It is not easy to find all the tools you need if you do not know even they exist.
OSM, 3D and others ask to participate and contribute the projects but you must be a IT specialist to do it.

Thx to show me the way.