Roof shape=L_gabled

Buildings on the corner of 2 streets in the closed row of houses have often gabled roof shape
which is difficult to generate only by use of roof:shape=gabled.

For this geometry I suggest the new description ‘’‘roof:shape=L_gabled’‘’
See example:

It’s easy to to the same with two building:parts. We should not use different shapes for every possible roof.
Look here with “L_gabled_hipped”:

What would be helpful is an Area with three height-nodes for skillions (that would be easier as roof:slope:direction) and four height-nodes paraboloid shapes. Your proposal at “F3DB Workshop Erlangen” would works if the height-nodes are shared or -if necessary- not shared.

Unfortunately not, if you have ground floor with only 4 points :confused: (rectangle).

I hope to present this solution February 2015.
Also the new JOSM importer for 3D *.obj files using this approach.

The new workflow would be:

  • make 3D model in Blender (or another 3D modeling software)
  • eyport it as *.obj
  • import *.obj file in into the OSM ( scale and rotation value and showing of the insertion point in OSM map necessary).