Rockabill Lighthouse and Island in the Republic of Ireland

Shouldn’t Rockabill Island and Lighthouse be included as part of the Republic of Ireland ? Right now it is not part of any country. Rockabill Lighthouse - Wikipedia

Looks pretty Irish to me - it’s within the Irish boundary.

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OK, I was looking at only the states and counties, I should have looked at the country. Based on proximity, I would think it’s part of Dublin, but perhaps its not part of any state/county/city. Is there a way to tell?

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It’s not part of the admin_level=6 area that OSM has for Co. Dublin. Whether that’s just an omission or not I’ve no idea.

An adjacent bit of admin boundary is part of 51 relations from the very small to the very large, but Rockabill itself is not.

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There are masses of small islands and islets (one in an area I know this is true) which are have not been incorporated in admin_level=6 boundaries, as well as lots which haven’t been mapped at all.

In the iD editor there is even a layer called “OSMIE Land not in Counties”, which doesn’t work for me at the moment.

Add these to the relevant admin_level=6 and admin_level=7 relations, and additionally, at a minimum boundary=vice_county as well. These are all ones which are used by data consumers. If feeling very generous you can add them to the relevant barony, townland and civil_parish. These latter are mainly of interest for data consumers interested in genealogy. The “GSGS 3906” layer can help if in doubt as to which county they belong.

I’ve just tried to do this in the iD editor for islet slightly south f the one I linked to and iD is not auto-completing relations correctly (e.g., County Galway). It may be necessary to use JOSM.