roads present in but missing in maps rendered for garmin?

Hello my friends,

I discovered a strange problem: roads that exist in the present are missing in the present OSM versions for garmin.

Look at this area for example:

The smaller roads and tracks you can see there are all missing even in the latest OSM maps for garmin that I found. I tried both the MapSource installers and the ready-to-use gmapsupp.img, as well those of Computerteddy (eu.tgz and typ_eu_gmapsupp.img) as those of Lambertus (

I am sure they were visible in those garmin maps a few monts ago! Does anybody know the reason for that? Is it a problem of the rendering sofware?


I’ve checked a few ways. Some are brand new (they aren’t even in the latest planet dump), some didn’t have a highway tag before today and some appear perfectly ok for some time. I’d give it some time…

Thx for your superfast answer!
For the moment I will use the South Tyrol map of the federal department for that area:

Enjoy your Easter!

Have a similar problem here: Added more detail; to the runway system, They show up fine in OSM, but still show up the old way in Garmin maps: as 2 lines. I know the planet has dumped a couple times because there are other things I’ve added to nearby areas and they now show up. Did I mistag something?

It seems the default Mkgmap style includes aeroway=runway, but not aeroway=taxiway. So anything tagged as a taxiway won’t show on the Garmin map (if using the default Mkgmap style).
I think the Lambertus maps are using the default style.

Yeppers :slight_smile: