roads "lanes" data in israel


i am interested in roads lane data (key lanes - amount of lanes per road) or equivalent for navigation.

unfortunately i noticed that many roads does not have the lanes tag. (only ~1.5K out of ~12K roads).

many roads like “4” for example have only partial data i.e some segment parts have “lanes” data while most do not.

i was wondering

  1. am i right? am i not missing something? (is that info currently missing?)

  2. is there a clever way, to estimate amount of lanes, using other data?
    if there is no lane key for a road i would like to estimate if it has more than one lane or not.

    for example i noticed that width data is also incomplete and thus not particularly helpful for this task,
    then i thought maybe i can assume that roads tagged as motorway etc has at least 2 lanes, while residential has only 1
    but i am not sure if these assessments are correct.

i would appreciate any insight, from more experienced users.

thanks for your help!

Yes you are right - many roads have no lanes data.
I can’t think about any “clever” way other than going to the road and collecting data. Maybe you can find any free source of video/images of some road parts but this isn’t so easy. (you can’t use google street view as far as I know)
I’d not suggest you to put guessed data, as it will automatically exclude these roads from “TODO” list of lanes update, and inaccurate data isn’t more helpful than missed.
Also, when you update lanes tag, maybe you’ll be able to update turn:lanes tag as well.

I personally collect such information using standard car video recorder with GPS. IMHO - it’s most easier and safe way to do this.
If you want, I can share with you unprocessed videos from which you can collect missed lanes data :slight_smile:

Good luck!

thanks for your help!

i doubt i will have time to collect this data myself, but over next few months i expect i should be able to collect this data from users who will use the app. (hopefully many…)

when i will reach this point, i will upload all the data that i will collect.

as far as google street view data, im not sure i understand why its not allowed to gather it from there, i did see numerous threads about it.

i will have to consult a lawyer on this, as this seems a rather effective way to complete the missing data.



I don’t think you can calculate or gain automatically the lanes per road.
We are not even able to know the max speed limit per road type, so it would be even harder to gues the lanes.

Of course its effective to user Google Streetview but the rules are clear. Not allowed.

Can you share what app you are talking about? Sounds interesting…


given a set of users, the app can record their gps tracks while driving, then upload this data to the server for analysis.

from this data, via some numerical analysis, you can establish lines for each driving sequence of a user, and with little statistics to aggregate them. given enough samples, it should be very possible to deduct the number of lanes from the number of lines constructed per road. (as well other useful data)

as to app, it is still under construction, far from being finished, unfortunately i cannot disclose more detalis at this time.

thanks for your help!

You may want to see if the GPSBlam plugin for JOSM can provide you with a baseline for developing such an analysis capability.