Roads in Bangkok

I’ve never been in Bangkok, but soon going to visit.
In preparing the maps for the navigator I found problems with this way
By Bing pictures this road is perfectly visible. I understand that it’s Highway, but do not want to “sofa mapping”.

Please, fix it!

P.S. Placename Bangkok have name:en=Bangkok ?
I can only see “ (Bangkok)”

Hi j-wills,

many people do mapping from satellite images. We are e.g. allowed to use the Bing Areal images for this. If you want to help us feel free to do it (but please do not copy data from copyright protected sources). There is many work to do in Thailand and especially in Bangkok. Please do not expect that someone will fix “this way” just for you soon.

The mapnik renderer seems to combine the name Bangkok. It seems to use the thai-word “Krung Thep Mahanakhon” and in brackets the word “Bangkok”. I think this is OK for most people.

Have a look at
There you can configure the rendering you like. eg only English names, only Thai or mixed.

If your device has the possibility to display Thai names as well you might find this very useful if you try to tell a taxi driver the destination.
Some of them can’t help you if you just show (often misleading transliterated) English names.

The “name” tag has to contain Thai script only, as it’s the convention in OSM to contain the local language. It’s up to the software to display other languages or even combine this into a mixed form. If you see tagging where some people put names in parentheses this is “tagging for the renderer” and we try to avoid this.