roads crossing intermittent rivers

Hi there

Lately I am often doing corrections to the map with osmose, trying to correct my own errors. A few changes here, some overlapping riverbanks there and suddenly I am involved in a lot of other errors I am not responsible for. But I don’t care, I like that, so even more errors to correct and to make OSM of hight quality.

But sometimes there seem to be problems I don’t know how to solve. For example tracks or even higher roads crossing a river and the riverbank which are intermittent.

How is this problem solved? Connecting the roads to the river and both sides of the riverbank, splitting the road and make it a ford?


Highway in an intermitent river:

  • split the highway at the intersections with the riverbank
  • give this part of the highway the tag ford=yes
  • set a point at the crossing of the highway and the river-way
    I do not know whether OSMOSE likes this.
    Osmose often shows errors, where everthing is OK.

Just as I thought. Thank you.

When errors have been corrected osmose often doesn’t detect it by itself, so you have to do it manually.