Roadmap, link and article

I’m looking to openstreetmap since a while and I don’t find a function, even with the multiple applications that could exist, so I try my question here, hoping it’s the rigth place.

I do have a website for a travel, and I’m writing different article on project I met during the trip. I would like to have a map that show the road trip and have the possibility to click on the place when there is an article. The function exist under googlemap like on this page They are doing exactly the fonction I would like to do on my website.

I do have wordpress and use the plugin Wordpress OSM plugin, I asked my question there but no answer since few weeks.

I found application to make an itinary with OSM, but no possibility to link.

I’ve tried Umap, wich is really interresting, but no possibilities to make the map. (or i didn’t find it :-/)

If someone has a link or answer that could help me I will be really happy. I had really look for a while, but no solution

Thanks a lot.

You are looking for functionality which the OSM website does not provide. OSM aims to provide data not large-scale services.