Road vanish when i zoom out

Hello when i zoom out from coods “25.7529, 93.17952” the road vanish when i again zoom in the reoad come again is there any solution to stop these it does not feel good to zoom to see that residential road? <----- without zooming that place the road is vanish <---- after zooming in that place i have to zoom very close to see those roads The coords are given please check those and help these poor beginner

If you want us to check something you have add or edited, it is better to include a link to that location.
You do that by going to the location on the map you want us to check and then copy the link from the browsers address field.
Your edit can be found here:

And I can see the edit you made at all zoomlevels from 13 and higher.
Please note that it will take some time for edits to appear at all zoomlevels, and also note that not everything is visible on the map at all zoomlevels. That is simply not possible.

OMG thanks for answering Your Answer is like heaven for me all details in Few words ?