Road Route Relations


Christophorus had this idea a while ago…How about put the major roads into a route relation? I was not sure about it but found it in Poland, where we are helping to remap the license change damage. I have made 3 examples based on how Poland is doing it


Magistralni put

Regionalni put

One guy from Poland has made a nice tool to check for common errors (disconnects etc)

The tool is available and could be set up for Serbia…just in case Miloš runs out of other bugs to fix :wink:

Very good proposal, but IMHO we should maybe prioritise public transport and E-road network relations before these?

sure, I can do the E-Roads. Unfortunately I have no idea about the public transport system in Serbia. I thought about adding bus routes in Vrsac but failed to find information. Public transport routes are a bit fiddly, everything has to be in the right order and there is no system support for that. It then looks like this
And it is often damaged by beginners

Are you fine with the suggested tags for the routes? If I touch the E-roads then it is only a small step to create the srb:national/regional road relations at the same time. Afaik, E-roads are tagged as country wide relations and then added to a super-relation, right? I have never edited one.

it seems class A E-roads are already there…partly damaged. Class B E-roads seems to be missing. except E 662 which looks a bit odd. Due to own bad experiences, I will not edit anything south of the river Ibar, so someone else should fix it there…if wanted
Here is any overview about E-roads

putevi klase A:
Put E65: (Crna Gora) - Špiljani (Opština Tutin) - Kosovska Mitrovica - Priština - Đeneral Janković - (Makedonija)
Seems this relation was not broken into parts…you can’t load it at the website

Put E70: (Hrvatska) - Batrovci - Beograd - Vršac - Vatin - (Rumunija).

Put E75: (Mađarska) - Horgoš - Subotica - Novi Sad - Inđija - Beograd - Pojate - Niš - Grdelica - Mijatovac - (Makedonija).

Put E80: (Crna Gora) - Špiljani (Opština Tutin) - Kosovska Mitrovica - Priština - Podujevo - Prokuplje - Niš - Pirot - Gradina (Opština Dimitrovgrad) - (Bugarska)

putevi klase B
Put E662: Subotica - Sombor - Bezdan - (Hrvatska)

Put E761: (Bosna i Hercegovina) - Kotroman - Požega - Pojate - Paraćin - Zaječar - Vrška Čuka - (Bugarska)

→ Does not exist according to the OSM Wiki

Put E763 (“Put za more”): Beograd - Lazarevac - Gornji Milanovac - Čačak - Požega - Nova Varoš - Prijepolje - Gostun (Opština Prijepolje)- (Crna Gora)

→ Does not exist according to the OSM Wiki

Put E771: (Rumunija) - Kladovo - Negotin - Zaječar - Niš - Priština[тражи се извор од 10. 2009.]

→ Does not exist according to the OSM Wiki

Put E851: (Albanija) - Prizren - Priština

→ Does not exist according to the OSM Wiki

You mind creating a superrelation and splitting this one up?

It seems the trend is to also separate the directions into individual relations like

I can do this for E70, E75 and E80.

Then we move onto class B…

:open_mouth: oh, This includes more than 3000 ways with 43000 nodes. Have started to fix the gaps in Serbia, lets see if I can finish it today

Could just start by declaring that relation “the parent” and taking the Serbian section out to a new route relation, I’m sure we could find people in other countries to do their bit.

I have created and fixed bi-directional country E65 relations for SRB and MNE…

…deleted the ways from the E65 monster-relation and added the two relations back. Doing that for the whole E65 from Greece to Sweden ist something for long winter nights. I am not sure I understand the rational for seperate relations for each direction, except it might be easer to check if the relation is broken. With forward and backwards roles added -what I did- it should be a question of some minutes to create these single direction relations

created a super-relation and single country sub-relations for E761
Serbia is complete, in BiH I am not sure where the M5/E761 really is

created single bi-directional relation for E763
I was not sure where in Belgrade the route begins, so I have started at the motorway. If anyone knows something different, please let me know. I don’t think we need a super relation as it goes only some km in MNE.

I want to start with 771. The english Wikipedia says it goes from Romania to Niš

but the Serbian Wikipedia says it goes via Niš to Priština?

Oh yes, this is relatively common problem, we don’t have enough reliable resources and often they are contradictorily. I also wandered where E 771 ends, and in the same time where M 25 goes (trough Niš or around it), but you can end it here just to be safe ;).

I had luck and the E771 relation was already there but not on the OSM-Wiki. And it ends excatly where you wrote :wink:

So English wiki was right, cool :slight_smile: . However on a related note, right there before that junction there are few road signs some of them are new some of them are old, on one of the old ones M25 continues right but now that’s local road. So what I’m trying to say is, even with data on the ground, things are not that clear where is what.

I suggest Thomas as President of Serbia!
Or, at least one street in Serbia should bear his name.

Eheheh, Or at least Minister for Infrastructure or Transportation or something like that :smiley:

no, politican, thanks, not in Serbia, not in Germany or elsewhere. Before you can become politican, you must get your brain removed from your head :wink:
back to the E771. Another english Wikipedia pages says “section between Niš and Priština is co-signed with E80”
Anyone able to find out where it really ends?

What is the purpose of relations of this kind? Are they used during rendering or during navigation? I understand when relations are used for public transport but why the roads are connected in relations?

Well, good question. It is not that obvious as public transport relations. First it is similar to borders. You would not need a relation to have a border rendered or in navigation. If you ask for example “what is within…” than you better have a relation. Something similar, but less common, you can ask for routes…“what is along the E123” or “how long is the E123” i.e. have we mapped all roads. Or if you want to render the european E-network only.
Almost everything works without a relation. You can tag ways along a bus route with bus_lines=1;2;3, borders with maybe country_left=Serbia, country_right=Romania and road routes with their identifiers and let the database sort it out. But it is easier if you have a (partly sorted) collection of things.

And one important reason is that there are many tools that can check relations of all kind and make it much easier to keep an eye on things, that would be very hard to monitor if not added to a relation for example road routes over some 100km

by the way Peđa…Any chances that you set up the monitoring tool (not for E-roads but for M first and maybe R)?


I looked at the code and it relays on PostgreSQL database with OSM data. So, I think that the main problem is the computer/server. Do we have any available?
I have no experience with Ruby and Wiki but I hope that with Ppawel’s help it could be easy done.